About the UNIMAP App

What exactly is UNIMAP?

UNIMAP is the very first application which can show you the upcoming classes directly on your phone. In a second. You can also search for rooms, names across the teacher’s database, departments and also select categories.

Currently it is a thesis work and there is no application yet.

How can I download?

You can not download it yet because there is no actual application.

Is it going to be FREE?

Yeeees! UNIMAP is always going to be free.

When will it be available?

Now the nearest date for releasing is Q3, 2017.

Is it going to be on Android and iOS?

Yes! UNIMAP is going to be a hybrid application, you can download it for iOS and Android also.

Which universities' map containing the app?

First it will contain only Corvinus University of Budapest’ map and information. Later if it’s going to be possible it can expand to others like BME, ELTE etc.

Is it going to be multilingual?

At first UNIMAP’s interface language is going to be only english. The plan is that it will be in hungarian and german too.