Corvinus in your Pocket! Time to say goodbye to

Maps, Integrated NEPTUN timetable, Search function, Hotspots, Push notifications… Yes! That’s UNIMAP!

Pin and find

Simplify your daily routine by going to the right classroom in time!


No matter which type of mobile you have, UNIMAP is fast as h.ll !

Push notifications

UNIMAP will notify you on the upcoming classes when you want!

Buildings and floors

You can pin & search on all the 3 buildings and 18 floors.

Keep track of your classes on the go!

You always typed neptun3r in your browser or asked someone from your friends where is going to be that particular class? UNIMAP solved your problem! With integrated NEPTUN timetable you can tap and see where you should go instantly!

“Where can I find the rector’s office?”


UNIMAP knows for sure!

Google’s time is over! Search for a teacher, a department, an ATM or even S.Asor.S2 and you will find it right on time in seconds!


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